BodyLIFE Benelux: outdoor exercise with Kynett

BodyLIFE Benelux (No.1 fitness magazine) published an article about the biggest competitor of the fitness club: outdoor sports. In this article, Kynett is mentioned as a solution for outdoor strength training.

“Outdoor activities were ranked 27th in 2011 in the leading fitness trend survey by the American College of Sport Medicine. In 2020, outdoor sports ranked 13th, one place above yoga.” 

“More than half of the people prefer outdoor sports to indoor sports”

“If you want to give a good strength training outside, it can be a challenge to move your devices from indoor to outside. Especially in America and Scandinavia they solve this with flywheel training.”

“.. flywheel training equipment is not heavy and is therefore easy to move from indoor to outside. A flywheel weighs less than 6 kilos but does generate resistances equal to a weight of 0 to 100 kilos depending on how hard you pull. ”

“During an outdoor workout you can easily hang a flywheel on a pole, tree or on the wall. Because you quickly change the height from low to high, you can train all muscle groups with it and a flywheel actually replaces any other strength device that you now indoors. Of course, flywheel training also works indoors.”

Read the full Dutch article here on BodyLIFE Benelux.