Flywheel training improves swimming performance

Are you seeking ways to enhance your swimming performance? Traditional weight training might not always suffice. However, flywheel training has emerged as a promising avenue for achieving significant improvements in strength, power, and hypertrophy, surpassing conventional weight training methods. In this blog, we'll delve into the impact of flywheel training on swimming performance. Check out our range of Flywheel machines here!

Participants and study overview

Conventional wisdom suggests that as athletes reach higher performance levels and devote more time to training, the likelihood of seeing improvements diminishes. However, in a study involving 14 young national swimmers already training extensively, the results defied this notion. Engaging in flywheel training sessions, comprising just 60 seconds of total workload per workout, led to remarkable enhancements. Over a span of four weeks, with three sessions per week, these swimmers experienced a 13% increase in strength and a 14% boost in power. Such significant improvements were achieved with minimal time investment, showcasing the efficiency of flywheel training.

Impact on Swimming Performance

The ultimate question remains: do these enhancements in strength and power translate into tangible improvements in swimming performance? Often, gains made through traditional weight training fail to manifest in sport-specific performance improvements. However, after four weeks of flywheel training, the swimming times for the 100m butterfly and 50m freestyle (front crawl) decreased significantly by 1.83% and 0.76%, respectively. These reductions in swimming times are particularly notable considering the high competitive level of the participants, ranging from 4th to 32nd places in national championships. This suggests that recreational swimmers could potentially experience even more substantial improvements.

Conclusion and Recommendation

It's evident that flywheel training offers a promising avenue for enhancing swimming performance, even among elite athletes. Strength and power gains directly correlate with faster swimming times, underscoring the efficacy of flywheel training as a means to optimize athletic performance. If you're intrigued by these findings and eager to experience the benefits firsthand, consider exploring flywheel training with Kynett products.

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