Enhance Soccer Performance and Prevent Injuries with Flywheel Training

The Impact of Flywheel Training on Soccer Players

When it comes to elite soccer players, staying injury-free is crucial for maintaining peak performance on the field. Flywheel training has emerged as a game-changer in injury prevention and performance enhancement for soccer athletes. In this blog post, we delve into the scientific research supporting the benefits of flywheel training for hamstring injury prevention and overall performance improvement among elite soccer players. Discover the full range of Kynett Flywheel devices here!


Scientific research on Flywheel Training for Hamstring Strength

A comprehensive scientific study investigated the effects of 1-2 flywheel training sessions per week over a 10-week period on elite soccer players. Each session included 4 sets of 8 repetitions, with the first set serving as a specific warm-up. The study focused on the impact of flywheel training on hamstring injuries, strength gains, and running speed improvement.


Results of soccer players using flywheel training

30 Elite soccer players of premier-league division teams participated. 15 Of them performed the isoinertial workouts, while 15 others did not.

  • Hamstring Injury Reduction: The group that performed flywheel training experienced only 3 hamstring injuries over a 10-month period, compared to 10 injuries in the control group.
  • Strength Gains: The flywheel training group showed a significant increase in eccentric and concentric strength by 19% and 15%, respectively, while the control group did not exhibit such improvements.
  • Running Speed Improvement: Soccer players engaged in flywheel training demonstrated a significant increase in 30-meter running speed, unlike the control group.

Conclusion: Flywheel training in Elite Soccer

The results of this study align with previous research, indicating that flywheel training can substantially reduce injury occurrences among soccer players while concurrently improving strength and running speed. Finally, we would like to finish with the conclusion of the researchers:

“The positive results from the present study should give an incentive for it [flywheel training] to be utilized more systematically within elite soccer, both from an injury prevention and from performance enhancement point of view”.

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