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Kynett is suitable for many individuals such as top-class sports, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, personal training, fitness and sport specific training. These include but are not limited to golf, tennis, basketball, boxing and soccer specific movements. It enables you to train lightly as well as intensively on velocity and strength. On our Youtube Channel you can find different kinds of exercises. We have a playlist specially for sports exercises. On our channel you will find the golf swing and basketball squat, for example.

How does it work?

Flywheel training is an unique development in sports and physiotherapy. Training with a flywheel is also called kinetic training. Instead of traditional weights, the training is done with a rotating disc. In the concentric phase the flywheel starts and accelerates by means of pulling a webbing. If the webbing is completely unwound, there is so much kinetic energy stored that the webbing self-winds again, as does the well-known yo-yo. The goal is to bring the flywheel to a standstill and then start again with a concentric movement.

From minimal resistance to full load
The force you put in in the concentric phase is also the force that you will receive in the eccentric phase; this is entirely different from traditional strength training. The harder the movement is started, the higher the resistance in the eccentric resistance will be. Because of the constant load you can get more out of an exercise because you train your muscles more intensively and faster. The challenge is to stay in balance at the beginning of the eccentric phase. 


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Con todos nuestros productos, puedes entrenar todo tu cuerpo. En el sitio web hay varios videos instructivos. Es muy fácil pensar y probar ejercicios específicos para deportes tú mismo, como tenis, boxeo, golf.

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