Flywheel training

For personal trainers

Flywheel training for personal trainers

As a Personal Trainer, you want a mobile training device that is easy to take with you, but still enables you to train heavily? Discover Kynett flywheel training equipment. 


Mobile flywheel device for Personal Trainers

As a Personal Trainer you want to be able to easily move your training setup. Since flywheel training does not rely on gravity, our Kynett products are lightweight and easy to carry. For example, the Kynett HOME comes in a backpack and weighs only 5 kg. This does not mean that you can only train lightly. Research shows, that athletes could produce 900 watts during a flywheel squat. That is equivalent to squatting over 90 kg at a speed of 1 m/s. However, with the same flywheel device, less well-trained athletes produced 100 watts. This is equivalent to squatting 10 kg at a speed o 



Compact Flywheel Training Equipment

In addition to the scientific reason, training with a Kynett flywheel device is possible in less than 2 square meters. If you don't use the device, it doesn't take up any space. With flywheel training you are not depending on gravity, therefor you can easily do all the exercises with just one device. Position the Kynett high for a shoulder internal rotation exercise or a lat pulldown. Position the Kynett at waist height for a horizontal row, standing chest press, or shoulder abduction. Place the Kynett low for a squat, seated leg extension, or lying hamstring curl.

Additional advantage 
The production and assembly of the Kynett is done in-house with modern production equipment and is entirely located in the Netherlands.

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With all of our products, you are able to train your entire body. On the website there are a number of instructional videos. It is very easy to think up and try sport specific exercises yourself, think tennis, boxing, golf etc.

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Flywheel Training for personal trainers

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