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Flywheel training

For Home gym

Flywheel training for the home gym

As a home gym enthusiast, you want a mobile training device that is easy to take with you, but still enables you to train heavily? The Kynett HOME Flywheel and Kynett FIT Flywheel are perfect for the fanatic home athlete.

USP'S Kynett Flywheel:   

o Compact fitness device, train always at home!
o One fitness machine for all muscle groups
o Affordable, Multifunctional, Mobile Flywheel Training device
o Light device for heavy training
o Produced in the Netherlands 

Flywheel Training equipment for home

As a home gym enthusiast you want to be able to easily move your training setup. Since flywheel training does not rely on gravity, our Kynett products are lightweight and easy to carry. The Kynett HOME Flywheel and Kynett FIT Flywheel comes in a backpack and weights approximately 7 kg. This does not mean that you can only train lightly. Research shows, that athletes could produce 900 watts during a flywheel squat. That is equivalent to squatting over 90 kg at a speed of 1 m/s.

The intensity of each movement depends on the amount of force you need and the speed at which you perform the movement. In other words, people with different sports levels can get started with the same device. 

Light, Compact & Effective 

In addition to the scientific reason, training with a Kynett flywheel device is possible in a small space. If you don't use the device, it doesn't take up any space. You can easily train your entire body with just one device. Quick view the Kynett HOME Flywheel and Kynett FIT Flywheel. 


Kynett HOME Flywheel

"Multifunctional, Space and cost saving"

Train all muscle groups with one device

Compact and Durable design

Used by many professional athletes

Flywheel Training has significantly more effect on Hypertrophy & muscle size

View Kynett HOME

Kynett FIT flywheel

"Multifunctional and more training opportunities"

The Kynett FIT is made from Durable and Sturdy materials

Used by many professional athletes

Train with heavier resistance discs than the Kynett HOME!

Flywheel Training has significantly more effect on Hypertrophy & muscle size

View Kynett FIT





Working with Kynett is amazing. I use Kynett to improve my strength and to prepare for my fights.

Cheick Kongo
Professional MMA Fighter United States

The effectiveness of flywheel training, from rehabilitation to performance enhancement, has been proven by a lot of research.

Zsolt Pozsony
Strength and conditioning coach Movement Lab Hungary

My strength training possibilities are limitless, when using my Kynett.

Tuuli Tomingas
Olympic biathlete, Estonia

Flywheel training increases my functional strength

Marc Zomer
Enduro rider, The Netherlands

Kynett flywheel training equipment is crazy versatile. There are so many baseball moves you can do with this specially with the ability to change vector.

Tanner Carson
Baseball player, United States

With dumbbells and barbells the resistance is constant, with Kynett Flywheel Training Equipment the resistance is adapted at every instant and proportional to the force developed. The greater the force, the greater the acceleration with which the flywheel reacts.

Valerio Esposito
Msc perfomance trainer, Italy

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Contact us if you have any questions Or are you curious how flywheel training can contribute? We like to think along with you. View our products here!

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