Kynett PRO All-in Flywheel
Kynett PRO All-in Flywheel
Kynett PRO All-in Flywheel
Kynett PRO All-in Flywheel
Kynett PRO All-in Flywheel
Kynett PRO All-in Flywheel
Kynett PRO All-in Flywheel
Kynett PRO All-in Flywheel

Kynett PRO All-in Flywheel

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Elevate your training experience with the Kynett PRO All-in Flywheel, designed for professionals, physiotherapists, and fitness enthusiasts. This versatile training device takes your workouts to new heights. With its solid wall adjust feature, allowing for seamless height customization. This means that users can target a wider range of muscle groups and progress their workouts more effectively. The increased exercise variety and resistance levels make the Kynett PRO Flywheel suitable for a diverse range of training goals and fitness levels.

 Product Information

  • Inertia: 79 lb.in2 (0,023 kgm2)
  • Resistance levels: With the included 4 mm discs, you can adjust the resistance from  0-176 lb (0-80 kg).
  • Optional discs of up to 15 mm offer resistance up to 440 lb (200 kg)!
  • Adjustable height: The wall adjust and glider feature allows you to customize the device's height to your preferred training positions.
  • Professional-Grade: Crafted to meet the demands of professional athletes, physiotherapists, and performance centers.
  • Compability: The Kynett PRO All-in Flywheel is compatible with resistance discs ranging from 2 to 15 mm, offering limited possibilities.
  • Weight of device: 17 lb / 7,7 kg
  • Weight of wall adjust: 16 lb / 7,4 kg
  • Made of Aluminum

Kynett PRO All-in Flyhweel package includes:

  • Kynett PRO Flywheel 
  • Wall adjust with glider and mounting material  
  • 4 mm disc set (79 lb.in2 or 0,023 kgm2)
  • Extra accessories PRO all-in flywheel: 2x pulley supportharness
  • Accessories included: Multifunction handle, Triceps rope, Ankle cuff, Strap adjust, carabiner

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Kynett PRO Flywheel

Resistance training - Train all muscle groups with one device! - Easy height adjustment

Flyhweel Training is a unique developement in sports & physical therapy

Flyhweel Training suits all fitness levels, from beginners to professional athletes. Achieve functional strength, improve sports performance, and optimize rehabilitation exercises.

Why Athletes Love Flywheel Training with Kynett!


My strength training possibilities are limitless, when using my Kynett.

Tuuli Tomingas
Olympic biathlete, Estonia

The effectiveness of flywheel training, from rehabilitation to performance enhancement, has been proven by a lot of research.

Zsolt Pozsony
Strength and conditioning coach Movement Lab Hungary

Working with Kynett is amazing. I use Kynett to improve my strength and to prepare for my fights.

Cheick Kongo
MMA Fighter, United States

Flywheel training increases my functional strength

Marc Zomer
Enduro rider, The Netherlands

With dumbbells and barbells the resistance is constant, with Kynett Flywheel Training Equipment the resistance is adapted at every instant and proportional to the force developed. The greater the force, the greater the acceleration with which the flywheel reacts.

Valerio Esposito
Msc perfomance trainer, Italy

I use flywheel training during my personal training classes. Various studies have shown that flywheel training has significantly more effect on muscle strength and jumping power.

Robin Uenk
Personal trainer, The Netherlands

Kynett flywheel training equipment is crazy versatile. There are so many baseball moves you can do with this specially with the ability to change vector.

Tanner Carson
Baseball player, United States

The Kynett PRO Flywheel is designed with a focus on performance and durability!

Whether you're clients rehabilitating from an injury, aiming to improve athletic performance, or simply looking to enhance your overall fitness, the Kynett PRO Flywheel can adapt to your needs and help you achieve your goals.
The Kynett PRO Flywheel comes with a solid wall adjust feature, which enables easy height adjustment. This allows for versatile training options and accommodates users of different heights, ensuring optimal positioning and comfort during exercises.

The Kynett PRO Flywheel has a greater intensity and more training opportunities as the Kynett HOME and ONE Flywheel! The Kynett PRO Flywheel comes standard with a wall adjust, which enables easy height adjustment.
Resistance discs of 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15 millimeters are compatible with the Kynett PRO Flywheel!

The Kynett PRO Flywheel is perfect for training and fitness facilities for comercial use.

Space is often a concern in commercial fitness facilities. The Kynettt PRO Flywheel compact design and small footprint make it an ideal choice for businesses with limited space. It allows for efficient utilization of training areas, maximizing the number of available workout stations.
The Kynett PRO Flywheel sleek design and modern aesthetics enhance the visual appeal of any commercial fitness space. It creates a positive impression and reflects the commitment to quality and innovation.

The Kynett PRO Flywheel is designed with space efficiency in mind, making it suitable for fitness studios with limited floor space. Its compact size and small footprint allow studios to maximize their training areas, accommodating more clients and offering a greater variety of equipment.
The Kynett PRO Flywheel is suitable for group training sessions, allowing fitness studios to offer dynamic and interactive classes. Its adjustable resistance and versatility make it suitable for accommodating multiple participants.

Advantages of Flywheel Training
  1. Eccentric overload: Flywheel training provides a unique form of eccentric overload, which occurs when the muscles lengthen under tension. Research has been shown that eccentric training is highly effictive for:
    Muscle hypertrophy
    Strength gains
    Injury prevention
  2. Increased muscle activation: Flywheel training has been shown to elicit higher levels of muscle activation compared to traditional weightlifting exercises, This increased muscle activation can lead to improved:
    Muscle development

Flywheel Training vs Traditional Training

 Flywheel training Traditional training

Load Capacity: Experience the difference in load management. Flywheel Training offers adjustable resistance that adapts to your strength and needs, allowing for progressive overload without the hassle of constantly adding or removing weights. Say goodbye to plate swapping and hello to streamlined, efficient training.

Repetitions: Maximize every repetition with Flywheel Training, each repetition engages your muscles throughout the entire range of motion, ensuring optimal muscle activation and stimulation. The flywheel challenges your muscles in both concentric and eccentric phases, resulting in superior gains and enhanced muscle development.

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