Kynett Flywheel Strength Training Systems

A Challenge For All Fitness Levels

Sports Performance & Physical Therapy With Flywheel Training

Flywheel training suits all fitness levels, from beginners to professional athletes. Achieve functional strength, improve sports performance, and optimize rehabilitation exercises.

Kynett Devices
HOME & FIT (mobile devices)
PRO & ULTIMATE (stationary devices)
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Accessories that you need for your Kynett Flywheel training equipment
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Flywheel Training
For sport, fitness, physiotherapists and commercial use
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Instructional Videos

View instruction videos for each product at our how to page.

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Complete Your Flywheel Training Set

Start your Flywheel journey with any of our Flywheel devices. From there, apply add-ons to your flywheel to unlock more from your training.

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What is Flywheel Training?
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The production and assembly is entirely located in the Netherlands